Paid Search Ads

Writing copy for pay per click (PPC) ads may seem like an easy feat. After all, you only have to come up with a few words. The challenge is finding the right words that speak to your audience and inspire them to click on your ad.

Within a limited space, sometimes less than 70 characters, paid search ads need to:

Why use paid search ads?

  1. PPC can directly speak to audiences that are most likely to turn into leads.

  2. You can track the effectiveness and ROI of PPC ads through analytics to help you adjust your marketing strategy

  3. You can negotiate the bid of your ads so your payment does not exceed what you want to spend.

Our PPC copywriters can help you determine the best keywords phrases to target in each ad, and write a description that entices action. We can also help manage your bids in reputable sources such as Google and Overture, as well as track your ROI and report the results to you.

Is PPC a good choice for your marketing efforts? Contact us to find out.


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